Two goal hero Jamie Devitt and Carlisle United have today explained why the midfielder did not wear a poppy armband during Saturday’s victory against Newport.

The Blues took to social media to offer an explanation after saying they had received “questions” from some fans about the issue.

Devitt also said he had received criticism.

United said Devitt did have an armband along with the rest of the players, and wore it during the pre-match minute’s silence, but then removed it as it kept falling down his arm.

The Blues said: “He [Devitt] had spoken to a few people about the issue before kick off, because it [the armband] wouldn’t stay on.

“The solution he came up with was to carry it to the centre circle, put it on his arm, and secure it there by pressing his arm to the side of his body, during the minute of silence.

“He was then to hand the armband to the ref at a convenient moment, which he did, because there was no way it was staying in place as he moved around.”

Devitt - who scored United’s opening two goals in their 3-2 win - gave a similar explanation on his Twitter account.

He highlighted a photo, shared by United, which demonstrated that he had the armband during the minute's silence.

He tweeted: "People given me **** for not wearing the armband clearly shows I have it on here but because I have twig arms it was falling down when I moved so after the minutes silence I decided to remove it as it wouldn’t stay on #skinnymanproblems #twigarms #"