Carlisle United chairman Andrew Jenkins said he couldn't bring himself to try the food on offer at vegan-friendly Forest Green Rovers.

The long-serving Blues director and co-owner used his latest programme notes to comment on his recent trip to the New Lawn.

Forest Green have been the world's first vegan club since 2014 under owner Dale Vince, the green energy tycoon.

But 81-year-old Jenkins, chairman of Pioneer Foodservice in Carlisle, declined to sample their cuisine on December 23, when United enjoyed a 1-0 victory.

He also asked how those who didn't eat meat would feel if that was all United offered when they visited Brunton Park.

In his column before Saturday's FA Cup clash with Sheffield Wednesday, Jenkins wrote: "It was really strange for me to go to Forest Green which, as you probably know, is a vegetarian [sic] club.

"Obviously I am from a family originating in the meat trade.

"Each to their own, and although I never eat much on a match day, I couldn't pull myself together to sample the food on offer.

"I don’t really want to be sarcastic, but what would happen if, when vegetarians came to our club, all we could offer was an all-meat menu?"

Vince, a vegan, told The Independent last year that fans and players at the Gloucestershire club had been supportive of the move.

“Typically football food is hideous,” Vince said. “Burgers are really awful. They’re the most awful parts of an animal and are really unappealing products that are cheap as dirt.

"We’ve replaced them with really high quality plant-based food.

“For those that are really bothered they can bring their own ham sandwiches."

United defender Tom Miller said earlier this season that he had adopted a vegan diet.

He said he had been inspired to try the lifestyle change by watching documentaries and also speaking to former Blues winger Joe Thompson, who became a vegan after beating cancer for a second time.

Forest Green are due to visit Brunton Park on Saturday, January 27.