IN the News & Star's edition of Nostalgia, we looked back at the Binns store in Carlisle.

Binns's history started in 1804 when George Binns moved to Sunderland from Yorkshire, establishing a small drapery business in 1807.

Here's how readers reacted.

Jeanette McLeod said: "Loved Binns, was very disappointed when it closed."

Ian Hebson said: "Binns, Bulloughs, and Woolworths, loved shopping in them all, especially at Christmas. Who'd have thought back then that the demise of those stores and the high street retail in general would happen the way it has."

Gary Hope said: "Dragged around there many a time in the 60s by my mother."

Anne Cutajar Martindale added: "Loved Binns used to get my leather coats from there."

Paul Jeffrey said: "Santa's grotto was the best, needing to take the lift down," and Randi Pedersen said: "Used to go to the cafe every Saturday with my mum and dad for lunch."

Fiona Armstrong said: "My mum worked in the hairdressing salon. It had its own coffee bar and you could have a manicure while you were under the dryer."

Paula Norris said: "Worked in the shoe department as a Saturday girl," and Pauline Burke commented: "Fabulous shop, used to go in the one in Sunderland with mum and when I saw there was one in Carlisle I was excited to shop there again, bring it back."

One web user said: "Binns was that posh we weren't even allowed to look through the windows."