WE shared the news that AI has re-imagined seven of Carlisle's busiest streets and shows what they would look like without cars.

The tool created by Dutch Cycling Lifestyle allows people to look at what roads would look like if cars were removed and aims to add a 'touch of Dutch to your street'.

Here's how readers reacted.

Dave John said: "Even in an AI-generated future, the club opposite Betfred is still shut."

Rachel Sharp said: "Sir David Attenborough has put it so well. We've reached a critical point for nature and our planet but many people aren't ready to have the necessary conversations about the significant lifestyle changes we all need to make. Yet we must. Returning to fewer cars and planes is a big part of that."

David Eyley added: "Lots better. The idea of car-less shopping areas will make it safer, less noisy, and maybe more shops will open as a result."

Mark Wilson said: "Well it's bang on, nobody on the streets, because all the shops will have closed down. Apart from bookies and the likes."

Martin Armstrong said: "No people either. Maybe AI can imagine some parking and decent public transport."

Ben Brown added: "All well and good, but there will be no shops in 15 to 20 years, the internet has killed the high street, the best thing would be to convert the existing buildings into housing, may as well use what’s there."

Mark Taylor said: "Ah, Botchergate’s boulevard of broken dreams. Hopefully, its best years are yet to come."