WE shared the news that a Whitehaven woman will once again make over 80 Christmas dinners this year to help those struggling.

Shaza Marsden decided last year to offer her cooking services and make Christmas dinners for anyone who was struggling, and she ended up serving 130 three-course meals.

This year, she has decided to continue the cooking feat to help those in need during the festive period.

As Christmas draws closer once again, Shaza has the same worries about whether people are going to have a warm meal, never mind a present to open.

Here's how readers reacted.

Shirley Fearon said: "Jackie Mccormick has been doing this for years at Silloth. Absolute superstar.."

Lindsay Graham added: "What a wonderful act of kindness and compassion," while Angela J Henderson congratulated Shaza on her actions.

Fiona Clarke said: "What a kind-hearted lady," and Kathleen Slater said: "How very kind and generous of you, hope you have a lovely day."

Nikki Lusher added: "This is lovely," while Sarah Louise Frobisher-Beeby said: "This great to see Shaza Marsden, you're going to smash it this year."

Kellie Simpson said Shaza had a 'heart of gold'.

Other readers including Ashlea Campbell, Jillian Savage and Lisa Morrison also shared words of encouragement.

Shaza has spread the message across Facebook, offering the dinners to anyone elderly, single or with family, even those who cannot cook or do not want to cook if they are on their own.