WE shared the news that there has been a rise in the number of witches living in Carlisle, according to the latest census figures.

Here's how readers reacted.

Aimée Louise Hollingsworth said: "Out and proud. I own Blue Moon Giftware metaphysical shop in Workington and have seen a huge rise in people wanting to learn more about witchcraft. I've been practising for 20 years and I think it's fantastic."

Laura Macdonald London said: "Sad how people in the UK are leaving religion."

Nikola Dixon said: "From acknowledging nature to self-healing, Wicca is a religion involving an eclectic set of beliefs and experiences. It is often misunderstood due to its non-governed nature and association with witchcraft.

"Though there is much debate, witchcraft and Wicca are not the same thing. Wicca is a religion, while witchcraft is a practice."

Peter Gnarly Blakemore added he is an 'out and proud eclectic witch'.

Korin Thomson commented: "There’s been a huge rise in people looking into different religions and natural healing in recent years, I’d say especially within the past five years. I run a little metaphysical gift shop in Carlisle (Luna Amatores if anybody wants to check it out) which welcomes anyone and any belief but I’d say a high percentage of my customer base are Wiccan, other pagan religions or similar, both online across the world and in Carlisle. It’s nice to see people opening up to new things."