WE shared the news that footfall into Carlisle Library has seen a dramatic decline in recent years, mirroring the challenges faced by libraries nationwide.

Data obtained through a Freedom of Information request submitted by the News & Star highlights the drop in visitor numbers.

Here's how readers reacted to the news.

Rebecca Stacey said: "Libraries are about so much more than just 'footfall' - and it would be more interesting to know who uses libraries - and why."

John Bulman asked: "Does it reflect a fall in footfall to the city centre in general? Parking restrictions, empty shops, cost of living, maybe people just aren't going into town as much. The rise of e-readers and the use of smart devices to read. Books are hugely out of fashion I'm afraid."

Toni Sharpe also said: "Declining footfall in the whole of Carlisle city centre might have something to do with it."

Matthew Roberts added: "Carlisle library is top-notch and always had plenty of choice."

Rob Oliver commented: "Could probably do with a revamp it’s been the same for as long as I can recall."

Gavin Johnston said: "Teesside University went into partnership with the community and built an amazing and successful library for students and the public. Carlisle should have and should do the same."

One web user said: "Use it or lose it springs to mind," while another added: "About time they got the escalator repaired and put back into service."

Fee Klicic said: "I love Carlisle Library. I read a lot, and visit usually twice a week."