WE shared the news that a planning application was submitted to demolish buildings on a site which previously housed an engineering firm to make space for housing and commercial units. 

The former Mitchell Dryers Limited site currently occupies a 2.5-acre block bordering Denton Street and Lorne Street in the Denton Holme area of Carlisle.

The proposed demolition was put forward to Cumberland Council by McKnight and Son Builders on October 23.

The applicant proposes to submit a planning application to redevelop the site in January 2024 for homes and some 'commercial units'.

Here's how readers reacted.

Niki Foster said: "What about Gateway 4 Women who have been in there for years doing amazing work? Another valuable support network. They have done the building up and flourished."

Laura Lowrie replied and explained: "Everyone that is in the existing space was told years ago that the plan was to demolish everything. Their space was always going to be temporary. Having said that, they are invaluable, and I hope the Gateway finds a new home."

Trisha Grant said: "Let me guess, more commercial units for cafes, hairdressers, beauty places and more takeaways. Denton Holme needs to get back to how it used to be, butchers, bakers, greengrocers, a proper pub, and some small individual quirky shops."

Judith Yeates asked: "Why more commercial units? There are more than enough around town! Who’d want to live in a part residential, part commercial development?"

A web user commented: "Great idea, there are loads more areas like this around the county that need the same doing."