WE shared the news that a village in Cumbria has been cut off from the community due to a number of recent changes to the bus services.

Ellenvale Coaches confirmed in May to Westmorland and Furness Council that, due to rising costs and low passenger numbers, it was no longer viable for them to continue the Service 60 bus between Skinburness and Maryport.

The service was withdrawn on July 30, leaving the majority of the route with no bus service, and making it tricky for anyone wanting to reach Workington and Maryport during the day. 

Here's how readers reacted.

Ginny Mcdowell said: "It's so sad that the old dears including my nanna are isolated at Skinburness due to no buses. If they put it on twice a week it would be better than nothing at all."

Mark Thompson said: "Silloth probably gets the most visitors in terms of tourism of all the coastal towns along the Solway, you would think transport links would improve with more visitors. But either way locals need a service to use."

Teresa Fairlie said: "This is too much, people need bus services, if you have not got any other way it costs a fortune in taxis or to rely on any other transport."

Paul Rochester said: "My elderly mother lives in Silloth and used the service on a regular basis to go to Blitterless and to Maryport to see friends. She no longer has that option and there is no taxi service in Silloth if there was it would be too expensive." 

John Messenger said: "Needs the railway line put back."