WE shared the news that a woman called for more support for men struggling with their mental health following the tragic loss of her partner.

Jacob Baker, a keen footballer who lived in Seaton, Workington, died earlier this year aged 27. 

Here's how readers reacted.

Emma Hendren said: "Incredibly sad. It’s well known that there’s much need for improvement in mental health services for all genders and ages but the statistics speak for themselves and the biggest killer in men under 50 in the UK is suicide and three-quarters of deaths by suicides each year, are men. What a heartbreaking fact that is."

Brenda Irvine Munro said: "So sad another young life lost," while Rachel Sharp added: "So sorry to hear of this lady's loss. I think improvement in the availability of services is needed for everyone. Postnatal support for mothers, for teenagers in school. 'Mindfulness' and lifestyle changes can help with low mood. 'Be kind' is the message everywhere. Yet actually the taboo, the judgement and ostracisation from society remains when it comes to opening up about more serious mental health illnesses."

One web user said: "The construction industry is actively promoting mental health awareness among its workers, as no doubt are other industries among theirs. The problem is that there is still a stigma attached to men in what is perceived as a 'macho' environment coming forward to admit that they are upset, let alone that they need help."