We shared the news that the creator and manager of the popular Cumbrian coffee shop VeeVa is set to depart the business after nearly 13 years. 

Gareth Williams founded VeeVa back in 2011 and has seen it grow into one of the busiest venues in Cockermouth in the 12 years since.

Here's how readers reacted.

Denise Wood said: "The only place we go when visiting Cockermouth, it was good for gluten-free. He always had time to have a chat, good luck in your new venture."

Louise Hodgson and Alison Relph wished him good luck while Louise Reid said: "I met him for the first time very recently and he was very friendly, polite and we chatted for ages, I wish you the best of luck on your new venture and looking forward to trying some of your products."

Jan Williamson said: "Good luck on your new adventure Gareth you're such a lovely person and will be missed by many. Take care."

Caroline James said: "Good luck Gareth in your new venture wishing you all the best of luck. You'll be missed by many."

David Doreen Parrish said: "Such a lovely pleasant fellow. All the best Gareth with your new venture from both of us."

Rosie Broadbent, Ali Trussler and Marie Telford also wished him luck.

Andrew Johnson added: "Genuinely nice person, wish him every success in his new venture."

Despite dealing with the Cumbrian floods, the Coronavirus pandemic, and, most recently, the cost of living crisis, Gareth persevered thanks to the generous support of the local community.