It seems this year's four seasons could be merging into an all time annus horribilis - as 2022s cost of living hell holds sway. 

The spring rising - as in the cost of living hikes -is now the summer of discontent as national rail strikes now into its third day takes stranglehold. A national teachers strike also looms.

The public sector is mobilising as 2-3% annual pay rises are not nearly competing with projected 11% inflation, 53% rise in gas, and 5% rise in food costs. 

Something's got to give.

As firms (post lockdown) demand employers return to offices, the rail strike has sharply honed the major hurdle of an expensive return to work.

Trains are on strike but the boss wants you back in the office and its £2 per litre of diesel at the local garage.

Living expenses continue to soar - but wages are flatlining. 

Even daily chores like shopping and entertainment are being reigned in. 

Here's an interesting new trend

Cumbrians are resorting to more expensive corner shops as cheaper convenience supermarket shopping is a dent in the fuel budget. 

Teachers are now asking 'Where are the breaks' as they do the sums on mandatory pay rises. A News & Star stort this week 'Carlisle teachers are now using food banks?' Sounds like the Dickensian dystopia of Oliver Twist...'Please Sir can I have some more.' Professionals are now on the breadline. Everyone is joining the queue. 

So Rail workers on the picket line followed by teachers - who next emergency workers?  

British Airways workers are also going out on strike during the holiday season.

Millions of private sector workers are scrambling for pay rises - and they are not getting them.


This cost of living crisis is hitting families hard. Summer of discontent? Are you getting hot under the collar!