THE frustration of readers over the issue of dog fouling was laid bare after it was revealed that dog walkers could face a heftier fine for not cleaning up after their pets.

Those who refuse to clean up their pet’s mess could be hit with a £1,000 fine for breaking this common rule from Christmas and beyond.

Anyone walking a dog is obliged to pick up their poo in public areas, however, this rule is often ignored by many.

If you’re with the dog the responsibility is yours - even if the pet does not belong to you.

The Dog Fouling Act (2016) places responsibility on the person “in charge of the dog” at the time of the misdemeanor.

Dog owners can be fined between £50-£80 on the spot if they fail to clear up after their dog’s mess.

That fine can escalate to £1,000 if you refuse to pay and the case is taken to the courts.

Here's what you, the readers, had to say.

Fiona Bell said: "All "decent" dog owners will pick up after their dog".

Rachel Allison added: "How about a fine for someone letting their dog poo in your garden."

Phil Sharp said that he has seen "dog [poo] everywhere in Carlisle."

Allan MacMillan suggested that dog licences should be brought back in to help tackle the issue of dog fouling in the area.

Neil Atkinson said:"[There is] dog [poo] everywhere you go and do you ever hear of anyone getting done for the offence? No.

Linda Scott aid she had seen some action taking place on the issue of dog fouling.

She said: "Some one fined £80 on the spot for not picking up on grassroot shore recently."

Sarah Lincoln said: "It shouldn't have to be a rule, it [is] common decency."