Readers have been having their say after the Cocker Bridge in Cockermouth was forced to close due to the damage that it received after the recent floods.

Cocker Bridge, which connects the bottom of Market Place to Main Street, has been closed immediately and diversions are in the process of being set up by Cumbria County Council.

A spokesperson for Cumbria County Council said: "As a result of cracking in the road surface over the Cocker Bridge has been closed to traffic, including pedestrians, as a precautionary measure. Barriers have been installed and diversion signage put in place.

"We appreciate the disruption the closure will cause, but public safety is our top priority."

On Sunday evening, the Council confirmed that the bridge will remain shut.

On Twitter, the Council announced: "Due to cracking in the road surface the bridge has been closed to all traffic. Barriers will be installed tonight and diversion signage in the morning. Further investigations tomorrow and we will provide further updates."

Here's what you, the readers, had to say.

Ian Foster said: "It [needs to be] taken down... And a new one [needs to be] put in place.

"[I] hope for you people in Cockermouth [that] it [doesn't] take as long as the Workington one did [to] put back up."

David Eyley said he was far from shocked to see that the bridge needed closing for repairs to take place.

He said: "Not a surprise really, after all of the flooding and debris that's probably hit it. Plus all of the traffic too."

Andy Lyon expressed his frustration over the traffic in the area and put forward his suggestion, saying: "Put some traffic wardens at the junctions ie [at] Kirkgate, and traffic lights [to] keep the traffic moving.

"It's a nightmare getting through the town."