Readers have been having their say on the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference after a sustainability network highlighted the importance of increasing the pressure on world leaders to act on climate change.

The Glasgow 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference - better known as COP26 - is being held between October 31 and November 12.

Henry Goodwin of the Carlisle Sustainable Network said he has a "mixture of feelings" surrounding the COP26 meeting.

"The general feeling is that something has got to change," said Mr Goodwin.

"Things have got to be taken more seriously and this weekend is an opportunity to do that.

"Having said that, the record has not been very encouraging. Still, governments seem to be dragging their feet.

"Everyone seems to be scared of making the [required] commitments first."

Here's what you, the readers had to say.

Tracey Elliot said: "[I] don’t get it…let’s fly a load of delegates to attend a meeting to deliver false promises, in addition the conference itself will produce a lot of waste… [they] should hold a massive zoom meeting instead."

Ian Willacy said: "Give us more EV charging points in Cumbria. We can travel to most cities around the uk and charge for free or low costs, not Cumbria it’s slow speeds at mega bucks."

The Government has announced a range of new policies as part of its aim to significantly cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change.

Its long-awaited net zero strategy, outlining plans to meet legal targets to end its contribution to climate change by 2050, has been published ahead of crucial UN Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow.