Readers have been discussing pets and vegan diets after pet owners were warned they faced fines of up to £20,000 and a possible jail sentence for not feeding their four-legged friends the correct diet.

It comes after a study found more pet owners were feeding their pets a vegan diet.

Cats need meat to survive as they can develop health problems if they are not getting the right nutrients, including taurine, Vitamins A and B, arginine and arachidonic acid.

Certain breeds of dogs will struggle on a plant-based diet because their short guts make it difficult to digest high-fibre foods.

Which is why UK law protects pets from missing out on what they need to consume through their diet.

The UK’s Animal Welfare Act outlines how people must ensure their pets get a “suitable diet” and “meet all of your dog’s nutritional needs”.

Here’s what you, the readers, had to say.

Lynsey Forrester said: “If you want a vegan pet, get a guinea pig. Don’t inflict your lifestyle choices on a facultative carnivore.”

Nick Graves said: “Dogs aren’t vegetarian. They need meat in their diet or it causes health problems. It’s not only cruel but immoral to deny a dog meat to eat.”

Gordon Stewart Harwood said he had a more sustainable suggestion for pet owners to consider, replying: “I do feed my dogs on insect protein which is much more sustainable – expensive though.”

Nick Graves replied: “Insects [are] classed as animals as opposed to vegetables or minerals. High protein low fat. My dog catches flies.”