Readers have joined the debate on the use of a road by HGVs after a councillor added her voice.

Ruth Alcroft, who uses the stretch of road the A69 that passes through Warwick Bridge daily, said she thinks diverting HGVs from the route could make it safer for pedestrians.

Ms Alcroft, who is also a Carlisle City Councillor, claimed that the width pavements at certain sections in the village make it too dangerous for heavy goods vehicles to pass through.

Cumbria County Councillor for Corby an Hayton brought the conversation regarding HGVs using the stretch of the A69 that passes through Warwick Bridge back to the surface after his by-election victory in August.

He also said he would like to see HGVs using an alternative route.

At the time, Independents Carlisle City Councillor for Brampton and Fellside, Raymond Tinnion called the proposition for a HGV ban "total nonsense"..

Here's what you, the readers had to say.

Lucy Dutton said: "There is an easy and safer alternative in the road that goes past the airport. Don’t see how a ban would cost much or cause hassle to anyone except the drivers. I’m all for it and a local resident and parent."

George Carrick said he thought there had already been enough work done to make the place safer, adding: "HGVs have used the road all the time the bridge has been there, so with all the speed limits and the amount of traffic on the road HGVs are as safe as can be . It is up to us all to look after [ourselves] around the roads."

Sharon Goodson said: "[There are] already speed restrictions in place, some of those HGVs and other big vehicles have no option as they are going to local businesses so if it's mainly the bridge that you seem bothered about why don't you build a pedestrian [or] cycle bridge next to it."