Readers have been discussing the issue of beer shortages after one pub in Cumbria opened up on its "nightmare" of not being able to get enough beer in.

The Grey Goat Inn at Baggrow, like others, have suffered at the hands of the pandemic and its landlords were left worried that they wouldn't have enough beer to last them until their next delivery.

Ainsley Wood runs The Grey Goat Inn with her husband Charles. The pair took over the business just before the pandemic hit.

Ainsley said the pub's situation is a "nightmare" and that the issue is down to there being "no delivery drivers".

She added: “We put our order in for 13 barrels and out of that we managed to get two.

“It’s not too bad for the lager drinkers, if we run out of draft they could go to bottles and the same with cider drinkers but it’s the customers who drink the likes of John Smiths and Guinness.

“We don’t know how busy we’re going to be we could run out before we get a delivery but at the same time we don’t know what we will get in our next delivery.”

The BBPA is urging the Government to invest in the sector to help it bridge the gap in revenues.

Here's what you, the readers, had to say.

Ally Marshall said: "Everywhere was the same. I work in a bar and it wasn’t nice over the weekend saying to people I’m sorry we haven’t got any."

Matt Watson said: "[The] problem is [that there are] just no drivers to deliver it."

David O'Neil said: "Within 50min drive of the pub you have Hesket Newmarket Brewery, Keswick Brewing Co, Jennings, Ennerdale Brewery, Great Corby Brewhouse and The Carlisle Brewing Company to mention a few.

"Make a phone call or two make some contacts and take a drive. Pick some kegs/casks up most breweries have their own vans for local delivery as well.

"Stop buying mass produced rubbish, buy local, problem solved."