Readers have been vocal over the recent rise in Covid-19 infection rates.

Newly-released figures show the Covid-19 infection rate has jumped by nine per cent in a week, up from 1,270 cases to 1,382.

The region with the greatest number of new cases in Cumbria is Allerdale, with an increase of 276, while Eden had overtaken Barrow-in-Furness in having the highest rate of new cases per 100,000 population (at 434).

Despite an increase in the number of visitors coming to the county, Cumbria County Council Director of Public Health, Colin Cox, said the rise in the number of cases was down to residents.

He said that evidence shows that case number are "not being driven by tourism", but by "local outbreaks".

He also called for Cumbrians to "remain vigilant and do everything they can to protect themselves and their families" during the last few days of the summer holidays.

Here's what you, the readers, had to say.

Delma Waywell said: "Not surprised it's not just tourists spreading covid. People are acting as if it's all over."

"Moving bins then getting straight into the car [and] never a thought for washing hands, then off to the shops to handle the goods."

Shirley Wood said: "The same with sanitising of hands, trolleys and baskets seem to have stopped with many people."

Ann Hoskings stepped in to say: "Not with me. I carry wipes, masks & sanitiser every where I go and use them all. I do get snide remarks from some but I'd rather be safe than in hospital or worse."