READERS were vocal in their opinions on Carlisle's supposed weeds issue.

Carlisle City Councillor, Paul Nedved, criticised Cumbria County Council for what he sees as an abundance of weeds in Stanwix and "throughout" the city.

A Cumbria County Council spokesperson responded to Cllr Nedved's comments by saying that weeds in Carlisle are sprayed "three times a year".

The response continued: "However, the treatment we use requires weeds to grow first before spraying. The treatment is then absorbed by the weeds before they die off – which takes about two weeks to happen.

"We use this type of treatment because it’s less harmful to wild animals and pets.

"The weather over the last few weeks has provided ideal growing conditions for weeds and the whole of Carlisle has seen a lot of weed growth.

"The second round of spraying has already begun though, with the third spray scheduled to take place later this year."

Here's what you, the readers, had to say.

Carole Caulfield said: "I think a lot of people could use some weed killer around their houses just to make it easier for themselves but the councils do need to do the same in the towns."

Adam Newlands said he thought the weeds on Warwick Road were "awful".

Elaine Lightfoot said she thought weeds in the city make it look "dirty, unkempt and run down".

Iain Broadway had a slightly different response to the supposed issue of weeds.

He said: "Weeds are flowers that help wildlife.

"We are just not used to accepting them as wildlife. If they’re a trip hazard then ok but otherwise just alter your mindset and enjoy the butterflies and bees."

Sandra Hartwell also thought the weeds were less of an issue than what they were being made out to be, saying: "How sad that a few people are moaning about weeds, when most of us are aware of the effects of Covid. So, the weeds haven’t been sorted so what?

"I for one enjoy seeing the wild flowers and love the fact that it is supporting more wildlife.