The proposed coal mine for west Cumbria has come up in discussion again among News and Star readers.

The plans for the coal mine have been questioned once again after a damning IPCC report prompted Prime Minister Boris Johnson to insist on the need to "consign coal to history".

The report, which was compiled by a UN group that looked at more than 1,400 scientific papers, said that human activity was playing a major role in climate change.

Readers were asked if they thought going ahead with the coal mine in west Cumbria was the right way forward.

Here's what you had to say.

Darren Ward said: "We watch the world burn or get washed away with floods and still they think it’s a good idea to open a mine. The ‘transport’ and ‘we need coking coal to make the steel for windmills’ argument is nonsense."

Michael Eldon said: "The mine if done correctly and it employed locals would have a massive knock on effect for the local economy.

"Copeland has been let down in the past with Moorside and we can't afford for this to be missed out [on]again.

"The government has the power to push this through and it will be interesting to see what happens in a couple of months."

Clare Butty Thwaites said: "We need the jobs and the £165 million pounds in private investment that this mine will bring to Whitehaven."

Nichola Currier said: "It can't be all about money. Everything needs [an] overhaul and rethought. This is our kid's and their kids future."