FOLLOWERS of the Whitehaven News on Facebook have been reacting to the news that cases of the Delta variant are on the rise in Cumbria.

Cumbria County Council has advised the public to follow the current guidance and take up their vaccine when it is offered.

Their guidance is to follow Government guidance and minimise travel into the Lancashire or Greater Manchester areas.

They advise that if members of the public travel, they should take a rapid-result Covid test upon their return.

Carla Arrighi wrote: "People should not be going on holiday abroad simple as, we are living through a pandemic, we are advised not to travel abroad. If we do, we must suffer the consequences."

Alex Rayment added: "If the Government had enacted full hotel quarantines for all arrivals back in January when *everyone* was calling for them to do so we wouldn't be having this problem. Simple-as-that. And guess what - we still don't have hotel quarantines for all arrivals. So this situation is not going to get better as we import more variants (if the Government doesn't grow another new variant here that is). I don't engage with Covid conspiracy theorists, who, after 100,000 deaths, pretend Covid "isn't real", its grossly offensive to the people who have lost loved ones and also to the people suffering from long Covid."