THE shocking revelations by Boris Johnson’s former right-hand man Dominic Cummings in respect of the Prime Minister and his cronies (sorry, colleagues) and the Government’s totally misguided, inept and deliberate lies in their handling of the Covid pandemic came as no shock to me.

On the day Boris Johnson told this country we were to be in lockdown for three weeks I told everyone who would listen that that was not true, and the lockdown would remain for 18 months to two years.

It is now over 65 years since I professionally trained in infection/cross-infection and was enabled through that training to predict that it was impossible for this dreadful virus to be even contained in such a short timeframe as the Prime Minister publicly misleadingly claimed.

My prediction certainly does not make me cleverer than all the top scientists and medical professionals we were told by Downing Street to believe, just a lot more realistic and, above all, truthful.

The motives of the Government will remain clouded in claim and counterclaim today as it will when the “public enquiry” takes place at a much later date. However, I truly believe that the absolute failure and chosen delayed tactics of this Government – causing innumerable unnecessary deaths – simply proves indisputably that the dereliction of this government’s duty towards the whole population of the UK was disgracefully based on the protection and potential threatened failure of this country’s money markets.

We could all be millionaires, but when deceased that bears no benefit or status whatsoever.

Willingly losing so many souls needlessly on the altar of money is well beyond even the basic comprehension of any civilised society’s people, but obviously that is where we have so disgracefully and disastrously landed.


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