Sweet-toothed fans of Cadbury and Creme Eggs now have the chance to cook-up a range of chocolate creations.

The confectionary maker has launched a new cook book - just in time for Easter.

Avid home bakers have been using the Easter treat in their creations for years, so Cadbury decided to team up with a range of contributors to showcase a wide variety of recipes that are easy to make.

Recipes inside include a Creme Egg pavlova, and Creme Egg sourdough toast.

What's inside the cookbook?

From profiteroles to pavlovas and from brownies to breads, the team at Cadbury has worked hard to find a way to add a Creme Egg into any treat - sweet or savoury.

Contributing bakers include Great British Bake-Off quarter finalist Martha Collison, baking extraordinaire Natalie Thomson, and award winning cake designer Georgia Green.

What could I try at home?

If you're looking to try a recipe at home for yourself or to entertain the kids, why not make this Creme Egg millionaire shortbread?

Where can I buy it?

The Creme Egg cookbook is available in Tesco, Asda and Cadbury Gifts Direct.com, priced at £9.99.