A radio presenter has been praised after dealing with an astonishing call from a listener who said they would die of coronavirus for a day at the beach.

Following a call to BBC Radio Solent, Pat Sissons dealt with a listener named "Chris" who seemed to not worry about the Coronavirus.

The 75-year-old even said her age group do not care if they get the virus because they have "had their lives".

The full conversation is as follows:

Chris said: "Why are you so worried about this virus? I can’t believe it."

Pat replied: "Because if I get it, I’ll pass it on to other people."

Chris then said well that is too bad, in which pat questioned her reply.

She added: "I don’t care whether we have a lockdown or not I hope we don’t – but if you’re going to get it you’ll get it anyway."

Pat said "that is nonsense Chris" and she said: "No it isn’t. People have been cooped up all winter and we have had the most glorious weekend weather for ages and you want to stop people from going out?"

The Radio Solent presenter went on to ask where Chris was at the weekend.

Chris said: "I went shopping on Saturday, then I went to Stokes Bay to have a walk along the front and sat on the beach for a while because it was so beautiful, unfortunately, my husband couldn’t come with me because he is recovering from a stroke.

"Yesterday we went to the cemeteries in Fair Oak and Eastleigh to lay flowers on our mothers' grave and then we called in to see a friend."

Shocked Pat said: "You called in to see a friend?"

Chris said that her friend didn't mind at all.

Pat asked how old Chris' friend was, in which she said 78.

He slammed the caller and said, "you are irresponsible for going to see your friend".

Chris then claimed Pat was causing panic.

Pat said: "I am not causing panic, this is the government advice you are flouting."

Chris replied: "No the government of stupid and Boris Johnson is an idiot - I won’t even go there."

Pat said: "Chris, I sincerely hope you are wrong.

"You went round all those places in the shops where we know people are not staying apart and then you went and saw your 78-year-old friend, you are irresponsible."

Chris then called Pat a "frightened man" and asked why he was so worried about it since he would "survive it".

Pat said: "Because the person I pass it to might not, your 78-year-old friend might not."

Chris said: "I'm 75."

Pat replied: "You might not."

Chris said: "If we get it we don’t actually care, we have had our lives so stuff it."

Pat then questioned Chris and said "so you're happy to die for a day on the beach?".

Chris replied "yes" and the presenter then hung up on the caller.

He apologised to his listeners and said "I can't deal with anymore of that".

Now, the radio presenter has received praise for how he dealt with the caller.

Tristan Pascoe, a colleague of Pat said on Twitter: "Well done my friend for calling out this utterly ignorant and selfish caller."


Other tweets in reply to the conversation said:

UK LOCKDOWN: What the latest advice is from the Government

On Monday night (March 23), Boris Johnson announced new UK lockdown measures to stem the spread of coronavirus - with police stepping in to deal with those breaking the rules. 

The Prime Minister said that from Monday evening people will only be allowed to leave their home for very limited purposes.

Shops were ordered to shut, as well as places like playgrounds and some other outdoor spaces.

People are now only entitled to leave their property for:

  • Shopping for basic necessities
  • One form of exercise a day
  • Medical need 
  • To care for a vulnerable person
  • Travelling to work only when absolutely necessary

Mr Johnson said police will act to stop any gatherings larger than two (not including members of the same household) by handing out fines and dispersing gatherings.

Shops that don't sell food or other essential items were told to close.

This included clothing and electronics stores; hair, beauty and nail salons and outdoor and indoor markets, excluding food markets.

Those over the age of 70, or identified in an 'at risk' group by the Government, have been ordered to stay at home for 12 weeks.

The UK Lockdown is set to last for an initial period of three weeks - but will be regularly reviewed.