The collapse of Flybe has caused another holiday meltdown, leaving travellers stranded and thousands of jobs at risk.

The information below may help to answer any questions you have.

If I made my own holiday arrangements, can I get compensation?

  • Travellers, who have Flybe flights but have yet to travel, will have various avenues available to them to recoup their flight costs.
  • Firstly, they can approach their credit card provider as they may be able to claim back the cost of the flight under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (or if they paid by debit card, their bank).
  • Although, they will not be able to claim back any other elements of their trip (hotel, car hire) from their bank or credit card company which they have had to cancel because of the Flybe collapse.

What if I have purchased my Flybe flight through a tour operator?

  • People who booked their flights as part of a package holiday may be entitled to ATOL protection.
  • In this situation, the travel company is responsible for re-booking passengers onto an alternative flight so they are able to continue with their trip or providing a full refund.
  • Those who are abroad will need to contact their travel company about an alternative flight home once their holiday has finished.

But will my travel insurer pay up?

  • Once you have exhausted all avenues as detailed above, you can approach your travel insurer, but do not expect to be able to claim under the conventional cancellation, curtailment or travel delay sections of the policy.
  • Travellers will need to check their travel insurance policy wording for ‘Scheduled Airline Failure’ or ‘End Supplier Failure’. 
  • Most travel policies do not provide cover for this as standard, so travellers will need to check their policy carefully.

The section you are looking for will be called either Scheduled Airline Failure, or End Supplier Failure.

  • If your policy has the Scheduled Airline Failure, then you will be able to claim back the cost of your flight if you are unable to travel.
  • If you are abroad the policy will pay the cost of a one-way ticket (in the class you originally booked) to get you back home.
  • It will not cover your unused elements of the holiday such as hotel and car hire.
  • If you have End Supplier Failure then you get both the scheduled airline failure cover and the cost of any other elements of their trip (hotel, car hire etc) which you have had to cancel because of the Flybe collapse.

Advice is courtesy of Rebecca Kingsley, from the consumer awareness initiative travelinsuranceexplained.