Video footage has captured the dramatic moment a dog jumps from a motor home during a high-speed police chase in Los Angeles.

A woman in a stolen vehicle led police on a half-hour chase from Santa Clarita into the San Fernando Valley after the van failed to stop for the California Highway Patrol, KABC-TV reported.

The van reached speeds of up to 60 mph and crashed into several cars as well as a palm tree in a shopping centre car park that tore off the passenger-side door and wrecked the front end, leaving the windscreen dangling on the bonnet.

At one point, a large dog in the driver’s lap scrambled halfway out of the shattered windscreen area and tumbled or jumped from the moving vehicle, landing in the street.

The van briefly stopped but the dog got up and appeared unharmed as it ran to the curb.

Another dog was seen dangling from the window until the motor home finally crashed into another car at high speed in a residential neighbourhood.

The woman got out and ran with the dog following but she was quickly tackled by authorities. The dog was captured and led away.

The dog which had jumped from the van was also found. Authorities said it did not suffer life-threatening injuries.