WE asked readers if they were concerned about a rise in cases of the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

Cumbria County Council has advised the public to follow the current guidance and take up their vaccine when it is offered.

Their guidance is to follow government guidance and minimise travel into the Lancashire or Greater Manchester areas.

They advise that if members of the public travel, they should take a rapid-result Covid test on their return.

Writing on the News & Star Facebook page, Andy Sabin-Hope said: “No, and it seems neither do any of the G7 leaders.

“No masks, no social distancing, no limits on numbers, able to stand having a drink.

“Either they are all going to die tomorrow or we are being lied to.”

John Richardson posted: “All of the vulnerable people are now vaccinated. If they aren’t, it’s by their own choice.

“I thought the whole point of these lockdowns was to get to this point?”

David Thomson said: “We need to go back into full lockdown and anybody who thinks this will be over in a month is watching too many Disney movies.”

Iain Fred Coe commented: “No. We have to learn to live with it, like flu.”