A TRADE union group has expressed further concerns over the full reopening of schools in Cumbria.

Carlisle Trades Council is urging Cumbria County Council to make a clear statement that schools should not open more widely until there is evidence that it is safe to do so.

Discussions between trade unions and the local authority are due to take place this week.

Brent Kennedy, the union group's president, said: "Our main concern is the lack of a reliable 'test, trace and isolate' system nationally, without which a safe return to school and work cannot be guaranteed."

The unions' concerns were fuelled by the Government's plans to double the size of classroom bubbles, from 15 to 30, to allow all pupils to return in September. It said the Government was risking a second spike by ignoring scientific advice, with Independent SAGE warning it is not safe to relax social distancing rules for indoor settings.

Carlisle TUC is calling on the council to demand that the Government implements its promises to provide funding for holiday schemes, internet access and sufficient laptops to families that need them.