We shared the news that market traders in Carlisle’s Victorian covered market have announced plans to set up a traders’ association. 

Carlisle’s covered market is a collection of retail stalls including a haberdashery business, jewellers and a world food stall - but the closure of Wilko had caused concern for the long-term future of the market hall.

Here's how readers reacted to the news.

Rachel Sharp said: "I feel like the council could place more focus on promoting the market hall. Instead of putting up cabins in the city centre every December why aren't the Christmas stalls in the market hall? Beautiful all decorated with lights. Seasonal goods and signage will take people there again."

Lisa Marie added: "Need to make it into a food hall. Centralised eating area surrounded by the amazing local food stalls. Maybe some live music. Feel it could be so much more than it is currently just needs to be restructured."

Poppy Taylor said: "The market is cold and soulless at the moment it needs to be livened up so people want to walk through, browse and hopefully buy something. Markets are an old tradition, bring that back, good for the traders and visitors."

Mike Morris said: "On a trip to Carlisle, walked through it the other day for the first time in a couple of years. Mostly seemed closed, bleak and gloomy, it feels like somewhere a few really elderly people might go to buy a button or a piece of fabric. An updated food hall with local produce and market stalls seems like a decent idea."