WE shared the news that Jax, a new party bar in the centre of Carlisle, will officially open its doors on Friday evening (October 20). 

Jax is located on Botchergate, just two doors down from its sister bar and nightclub, Deja Vu. 

It is owned by Julie Brown, who, with the help of local traders, family, and friends, has transformed the city centre location over the past few months, getting everything ready for opening night on October 20. 

Here's how readers reacted.

Judith Wheadon said: "Need more shops not pubs," and Phil Rickerby replied: "Online shopping is to blame, can't see it changing."

Jane Latimer said: "It’s shops we need not pubs, can’t afford to go in them."

Readers including Dean Jopson, James Mc Bride, Tim Wordsworth, Victoria Claire Irving, Karen Lowe Mlynek and Gemma Marshall all wished Julie good luck.

Mike Davison shared his support: "Good luck Julie. Will be in Saturday."

Ron Wood also said: "Good luck with your new venture Julie."

Karen Graham said: "Good luck Julie, looks great."

John Hastings commented: "Good luck to one and all - the Botchergate Renaissance keeps rolling along."

Yasmin Dalton added: "Best wishes for your new venture Julie," while Sue Head said: "Good luck Julie Brown hope all goes well for you."

Phil Rickerby said: "Botchergate has too many bars it's the other end of the city centre that needs some pubs/bars to open."

Darren Ellis said: "Providing new jobs for people in a poor economy and bizarre people are twining about it. Crazy times. Good luck to Jax Bar Carlisle."