WE shared the news that The Lanes Shopping Centre said that changes to its multi-storey car park are 'vital' to its improvement.

This comes after the Carlisle shopping centre announced that its car park on Lowther Street would be transitioning to a cashless and 'contactless only' system, as opposed to the ticketed system it previously used.

Here's how readers reacted.

Guy Brennan said: "In the Cumberland Infirmary yesterday, used the car park and got a ticket at the entry barrier but no parking spaces, drove round waiting for spaces to become available, and nearly missed my appointment and left without finding a space but had to pay the minimum to get out. These barriers need sorting too, I think."

David Tallentire added: "I can understand the registration recognition, but we should still be allowed to pay cash, I've used car parks before that used registration recognition and you could still pay cash."

David Eyley commented: "It's the same type of metering that is in the car park back of M&S food hall. Never had a problem with it, and easy to use. Unfortunately, it doesn't do cash, which could affect a small minority. If you look at car park technology for payments over the years, it went from paying a person, to basic automation using coin meters, to smart systems."

Elaine Potter said: "Thought cash was legal tender and we are human beings it should not be forced on people."