WE shared the news that a date has been announced for a new café to open at the former Topshop unit in Carlisle city centre.

Bordo Lounge is set to open on Friday, October 13 and is set to create more than 20 new jobs in a boost to the city centre.

Here's how readers reacted.

Tracy Leith said: "How many cafes can one small city have? We need more practical shops. A reason to come into the centre."

Lesley Doyle added: "We need more shops, not cafes, people don't go to town anymore because all we have is charity shops, nail shops, vape shops, cafes. Shocking."

Michelle Deeley said: "Decent Chinese restaurant wouldn't go amiss or a good quality curry house where you can bring your own bottle like everywhere else around the country."

Natalie Gracie commented: "I don't really think we need another cafe in the centre we need more shops. More independent shops."

Mike Fell shared his thoughts in response: "My second comment in a week about the same subject. There is only one person to blame for the decline of the shops in our town centre and that is us."

Meanwhile, the Facebook page The Lunch Box commented: "Good luck in your new venture guys, I hope it is amazing for you and I for one can not wait to visit. Please ignore all the negative energy."

Paul Oldham also said: "Brilliant I can add it to my list, love a coffee and a cake."