Borussia Muncheneverything Whites secured a win in the Man v Fat cup final in Carlisle.

In an electrifying football match on a drizzly night, the Borussia Muncheneverything Whites clashed head-to-head with Saint Eat-Again Greens.

The Whites emerged victorious after an intense battle, both on and off the pitch, with their weight loss helping them over the line.

News and Star: Harry Watson scored a hat trick for the whitesHarry Watson scored a hat trick for the whites (Image: Jordan McGrath)

The Whites, led by Harry Watson who scored two early goals, seized the first-half.

However, the Greens didn't let the game slip away easily, staging several strong counter-attacks.

Standout player for the Greens was Hein van der Westhuizen, described by the Whites' captain as "taking his goals well" and being a "handful".

Despite the Greens' efforts, the match ended 3-3.

This league rewards overall health improvements, with goals counted equally for weight loss achievements and actual strikes on the pitch.

In the weeks leading up to the final, players’ dieting efforts notably shifted the odds.

Andrew Trickett's significant weight loss of 2.4kgs secured additional goals for the Whites.

Four weight-loss hat-tricks arriving in the same week for the White also saw a cluster of goals.

Tim Linford and Andrew Trickett both saw a five per cent milestone in body weight lost since the start of the season, earning further goals for the Whites.

Ben Millington’s 10 per cent and Ricky Banks’ five per cent for the Greens levelled the scoring playing field.

The final score, including off-the-field goals, led to a 22-20 victory for the Whites.

Borussia Muncheneverything Captain Si Patrick said: “What a game! End-to-end, and commiserations to the Greens.

“For me, our unsung hero all season has been Tim Linford. He has consistently lost weight off the field, but on it he has been a rock at the back. I think he has gone under the radar, but has been imperative to our success.

“Overall, what a season from the lads! We secured the league a few weeks ago and added the cup this week, making it the double. Off the pitch, the lads have been second to none."

Named Man of the Match for his saves, Whites goalkeeper Shawn Berry said: "Man v Fat is fantastic. The support from the coach and the lads is inspiring, and really helps me to keep focused on the importance of losing weight each week."

The Man v Fat league offers overweight or obese men, with a body mass index of 27.5 or above, an opportunity to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

The programme combines football with a tailored weight-loss program, offering diet and exercise advice, weekly weigh-ins, and comradeship from fellow players.

For more information, visit or search ‘Man v Fat Football Carlisle’ on Facebook.

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