A WOMAN battling alcohol and drug issues has admitted illegal knife possession in Workington — but was told by a judge she won’t be sent to prison for the offence.

Louise Burns, aged 39 and of Salterbeck Road in the town, was prosecuted after an incident on Murray Road. This is said to have occurred on March 31 this year.

Burns appeared at Carlisle Crown Court this morning (Tuesday).

She entered a plea of guilty to having an article with a blade or point — namely a kitchen knife — in a public place without good reason or lawful authority.

Burns told the court her admission was made on a formal basis.

Her lawyer, Marion Weir, explained: “Her basis is that she came into possession of the knife — that she had the knife — because she needed articles for her home, which she had recently moved into.

“Whilst it is a reason (for possession), it is not a good reason to have it in a public place in the manner that she had it.”

Giving some insight into Burns’ personal circumstances, Miss Weir added: “There are issues with drugs and alcohol.”

As a result the judge, Recorder Tony Hawks, adjourned the case for several weeks and asked for the probation service to prepare a pre-sentence report.

This will provide detailed information about Burns’ personal circumstances, her thoughts on the offence she committed and recommendations aimed at rehabilitating and assisting her.

Burns was granted bail and is due to receive her sentence at the crown court on December 10.

“I’m not going to read you a lecture,” said Recorder Hawks having looked through Burns’ previous offending. “You have been in the dock many times, sadly.

“I am going to adjourn for a report. I am not proposing to lock you up. I am proposing to pass a suspended sentence of imprisonment.

“I want to know what requirements the probation service would like to attach to that (report) with regard to trying to get you some help with the difficulties in your life.

“Would you please co-operate with the probation service and be back here on December 10 when I will sentence you.”