Cumbria Police have said they are seeing an increase in sheep worrying across the county. 

They explain that your dog is your responsibility and they need to be kept under control around livestock. 

Authorities also encourage people to keep their dogs on a lead. 

A Cumbrian vet commented on the matter, she said: "We suffer quite a lot with our sheep being chased and attacked by dogs from people who are walking around and about our lovely valley. 

"This has a variety of forms, sometimes it's sheep that have been actively attacked and we've had the odd one outright killed by a dog or dogs that have attacked the sheep by the throat and killed them that way. 

"I think mostly we have problems where we have sheep that have been chased into the lake.

"Our sheep are all gathered off the fells by working dogs so our sheep's normal response when they see a dog is to get up and run away from it. 

"I think a lot of pet dogs don't necessarily see that response when they're living in the home so when they see something running they perhaps think it's a game and want to join in the chase, for a sheep that's very stressful."

Kerry Irving, Max Out in the Lake District, added: "I think the first thing to do when you visit the Lake District or anywhere where there is livestock, be that sheep or cattle, is to have good dog leads.

"A good, strong, dog lead is very important. I'm not a great fan of extending dog leads as they can run 20 feet ut before you can get control of your dog. 

"A good dog lead is very important for every walk, one that you can put your hand through and you've got complete control of your dog. 

"If you let go of the lead you've still got it on your wrist. I think that's one of the main things about walking in the Lake District is that you never know what's around the corner."