A tiny coastal village in Cumbria has become the latest area to feature on the BBC documentary Villages by the Sea. 

Archaeologist and keen historian Ben Robinson visits villages around the UK and dives into their rich history.

The show's most recent episode (Series 4: Episode 2) sees Ben visit Port Carlisle, which is located just 11 miles west of Carlisle in Allerdale. 

Previously known as Fisher's Cross, the village was renamed when it became the terminus of the Carlisle Canal in the 1800s. 

The arrival of the industrial revolution saw Port Carlisle at the centre of a transport explosion and it was believed it was destined for great things, with locals hoping it would rival the port in Liverpool. 

The late 1700s marked a golden age for canals, a rapid development that by the 1830s created over 4000 miles of canal network. 

Historian David Ramshaw, the author of The Carlisle Ship Canal, features alongside presenter Ben Robinson in the 30-minute episode. 

News and Star: Historian and author David Ramshaw features in the documentaryHistorian and author David Ramshaw features in the documentary (Image: BBC)He says: "By building the canal from here, they were able to take the goods all the way into Carlisle. They were bringing goods in more cheaply, and exporting textiles more cheaply. They could export them to the continent, direct from the city."

The 11.5-mile canal was opened in 1823 and cost £80,000 to make - nearly £10 million in today's money. 

It took around three years to build in total, with around 25,000 people attending the opening day, in what was the dawning of a new era for both Port Carlisle and Carlisle. 

By 1838, Port Carlisle was rivalling all the top ports in the UK, with around five ships from the United States docked in the space of just one month.

Julie Minns, the labour candidate for Carlisle, also features in the documentary. 

News and Star: Labour candidate for Carlisle Julie MinnsLabour candidate for Carlisle Julie Minns (Image: BBC)

She discusses the optimism around Port Carlisle in the 1800s, with hopes that the village would become the most popular of the seaside coastal resorts. 

However, the railway network soon took over the canal network and Port Carlisle's popularity quickly faded.

Villages by the Sea is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.