THREE friends from Keswick have raised almost £10,000 for a charity ‘close to their hearts’, with the farming community coming together to support the fundraising.

Lilly Hodgson, Katie Pepper and Emily Cartmell from Keswick have raised £8,834 on a just giving page for the charity SUDC UK charity following the death of 23-month-old Harry Birkett, in January of this year.

A further £600 has been donated to the charity in cash, making the total close to £10,000.

News and Star: The mule which raised almost £4,000 for the charityThe mule which raised almost £4,000 for the charity (Image: Supplied)

Last Friday, September 15 the farming community came together to support the fundraising at Mitchell’s Livestock Auction, Cockermouth where Lilly works.

P&PI Walker & Son, Beechcroft kindly donated one of their Mule Ewe lambs with the proceeds of the lamb going to a charity which is ‘close to so many’ in the community.

The lamb was sold to an outstanding total of £3950.00, having first been bought by Thomas Hird, Westray Farm for £750.00, Thomas kindly put the lamb back up for sale and was bought again and put back up for sale by the following:

TH Morris, Glebe Farm for £650.00

Richard & Lyn Smith, Hill House Farm for £500.00

Mike Lawson, Pasture House for £520.00

David Walker, C/o Murray Farmcare for £500.00

Kevin Holliday, Strudda Bank for £480.00

Finally, the lamb was purchased and retained by Mr Phillip Elliott, Bank House Farm for £550.00.

The friends will take part in the Keswick Half Marathon this Sunday, September 24 with all funds raised going to SUDC UK.

The charity aims to help make SUDC predictable and preventable by raising awareness and funding crucial research, as well as supporting bereaved families who have been affected by SUDC, sudden and unexpected death of a child.

Donations can still be made to the page by clicking here.