CHILDREN from Carlisle were out in force this week to join the fight to protect Cumbria’s red squirrels and mark a £25,000 to Cumbria Wildlife Trust from the Cumberland Building Society.

The Squirrels, the youngest group of the 123rd Carlisle Scouts Group, joined representatives from The Cumberland at Hammonds Pond to join in on the conservation effort.

The group helped Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s red squirrel ranger, Joshua Adams, collect food such as nuts and seeds along with bedding in the form of leaves, mosses, and twigs for squirrel boxes which Joshua will be taking back to their natural Lake District habitat.

5-year-old Squirrel Amelia from Carlisle said: “It was nice to help the red squirrels out.

"Today I helped collect twigs and the nuts for the squirrel boxes.

"I like my toy squirrel.

"Thank you”

Joshua Adams, red squirrel ranger at Cumbria Wildlife Trust, added: “It’s been fantastic seeing the children getting involved in red squirrel conservation.

"The children knew a lot more than I thought they would."

Claire Deekes, chief customer officer at The Cumberland also said: “"It makes me feel really proud that the Cumberland are part of an initiative like this."