More drivers in Carlisle are switching to low-emission vehicles, new figures show, as the ULEZ scheme is expanded into greater London.

New figures from the DVLA show there 3,020 low-emission vehicles were registered in Carlisle as of March 2023 – up from 71.8 the year before, and 68.58 in 2018.

In total, there were 73,049 vehicles registered, meaning 4 per cent of them were officially classified as low-emission.

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The figures are not an exact representation of vehicle usage, as many vehicles, including those in commercial use, may not be regularly used in the same place they are registered.

Designed to emit less than 75g of carbon dioxide from the tailpipe for every kilometre travelled, they include battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric and fuel cell electric vehicles.

Across the UK, 114,000 plug-in electric vehicles and 76,000 battery electric vehicles were registered for the first time between January and March, rises of 13 per cent and 19 per cent respectively on the previous year.