THE RSPCA has highlighted the work they do over the busy summer months for the charity with a rather 'un-ewe-sual' rescue.

Animal rescue officer (ARO) Graham Carter and inspector Chris Towler were called to farmland near Stair in Keswick to help a sheep which had become trapped in the drain.

The animal had managed to crawl into the tunnel and was about eight to 10 foot inside when the ewe decided to turn around and crawl back out - except the narrow two-by-two foot tunnel meant instead she became hopelessly trapped.

The two officers located the remote spot and inspector Chris crawled into the drain and managed to slowly but surely pull the sheep out of the hole.

The two officers checked her over for injuries but thankfully found that she was fine.

ARO Graham said: “This sheep was very lucky indeed that someone had realised she was trapped in the drain and called us. The area was really hard to locate as it was so remote but eventually we managed to find the spot.

"It was impossible to see the sheep at first unless you got down on your stomach and shined a torch inside the tunnel.

"Luckily Chris could then crawl inside and bring her to safety.

“She was covered in mud and exhausted by the end of it but thankfully the sheep was absolutely fine and we were able to release her straight away.

“The hole was also fenced off so that no other animals would end up in the same situation and we let the farmer and the member of the public who had called us know what had happened.”

The rescue took place on June 15 during the RSPCA’s busy summer months when the charity receives a peak in calls coming through to its helpline.