A NEW video raising awareness of sepsis and its symptoms among farming and rural communities has been launched by NFU Mutual and The UK Sepsis Trust (UKST).

Five people lose their lives with sepsis every hour in the UK, and farmers are at increased risk due to the nature of their work.

The newly launched video follows the legacy of Hannah Brown, a 26-year old Cumbrian livestock farmer, who tragically passed away on March 26 2021, just two days after developing sepsis.

The six-minute film features NFU Mutual Rural Affairs Specialist, Hannah Binns, and founder of the UKST, Dr Ron Daniels BEM, discussing on-farm scenarios where farmers, employees and family members could cut, fall or injure themselves, putting themselves at risk of sepsis.

Also known as blood poisoning, sepsis is the immune system’s overreaction to an infection or injury. If it isn’t treated immediately, it can result in organ failure and death.

The video forms part of the £70,000 donated to UKST by the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust in 2022 to support the charity’s work in raising awareness of the risks of sepsis within the rural community.

NFU Mutual Rural Affairs Specialist, Hannah Binns, said: “Farmers are fantastic at looking after the welfare of their animals and stock, but less so when it comes to their own health, having a tendency to crack on, especially during busy periods.

“However, the very nature of farming means farmers can be more prone to grazes, cuts, falls and injuries that can become infected and potentially lead to sepsis. Living and working in rural and often isolated settings, means farmers cannot always get medical attention as quickly as they should.

“This video highlights the real risks of contracting sepsis on a farm. By watching it, we hope farmers learn important information that can potentially save lives and livelihoods.”

Dr Ron Daniels BEM, Founder and Joint CEO of The UK Sepsis Trust, added: “I hope that this new film will help further Hannah’s life-saving legacy, and ensure the farming community doesn’t have to experience any more unimaginable tragedies caused by preventable deaths from sepsis.” 

In September last year, UKST delivered their first campaign to try and grow awareness of sepsis among farmers. The campaign included a moving film in memory of sepsis victim, Hannah Brown.