A farmer from Cumbria has reached millions of views on Tik Tok by sharing regular videos of her beloved cows. 

Simone Dawson, who lives in Blackford just outside of Carlisle, now boasts over 146,000 followers on the social media platform, with her most popular video reaching a remarkable 19.2 million people online. 

Despite only starting the account in June 2022, Ms. Dawson has now established herself as a clothing ambassador for Rydale thanks to her videos' incredible popularity online. 

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There are around 20 cows and bulls for Ms. Dawson to look after but for her, they are a welcome escape from the world of work at Alan Tuer trailers. 

She said: "Our life is very hectic and I use the animals as my getaway. It’s more for my mental health to get away from the business and the work and just go and spend some time with them. I absolutely adore it."

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Ms. Dawson had never even considered using Tik Tok until a close friend suggested that people would love to see her cow content posted online.

She said: "I’ve only been doing it a year. I’ve always videoed my cows because I’m obsessed with my cows and I started putting them on Tik Tok last June.

"I’d never even been on Tik Tok but one of my friends said people would love to see it. I started doing it out of the blue and it’s just gone from there.”

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The channel itself provides a unique look into how farmers care for their animals, and Ms. Dawson suggests that her videos have helped change people's perceptions of the behaviour of both cows and farmers. 

She said: "I think a lot of people think negatively about farming but my channel shows that I absolutely adore my cows. I think it’s just seeing how quiet the cows are and how good we are with them.

"A lot of people don’t see that side of it. We actually do care for the animals. I think that’s where my niche market is that people do see a different side. They’re part of my family.”