A Cumbrian pub which is allegedly the former home of Richard III is on sale.

Dockray Hall in Penrith is being sold for £500,000, and quite possibly the quintessential historic public house.

It comprises two bars, with separate, snug dining areas, all traditional in style, with large open fireplaces, beamed ceilings, and original panelling on the walls.

There are ladies' and gents' toilets, a kitchen/prep area, a dry store, a cold room, a beer cellar, and extensive staff and private quarters.

Loose furnishings and equipment are included in the sale, except for beer-raising/dispensing equipment.

The potential royal connection is likely what will attract buyers and patrons.

The Visit Eden tourism website reads: “Although there is no proof Richard III ever stayed here, it is traditionally thought that while building works were being undertaken at Penrith Castle, Richard lived here in what was one of the most important houses in Penrith.

“One room is named ‘The Gloucester Room,” (a reference to the pub being formerly called the Gloucester Arms, “and is where Richard is reported to have stayed.

“There are stories about a secret tunnel running from Penrith Castle to the pub.

“In the bar, there is panelling of different periods.

“Behind the bar, there is a screen of an early date, and the plant design carving is thought to be the ‘planta genista’, the emblem of the Plantagenet kings.”

Those interested are asked to make their own enquiries to Westmorland and Furness Council’s planning office at 0300 373 3300.