AS public contention continues over the initial proposal for a large-scale renewable energy park potentially coming to Great Orton, Cumbria's Local Enterprise Partnership are supporting the project. 

A rising number of public objections followed after Ridge Clean Energy (RCE) set out proposals for the Great Oaks Renewable Energy Park, near to Wiggonby, Great Orton - which would see the pairing of a 40.8 MW project of four wind turbines and solar farm.

A community group, The Solway Plain Action Group, spoke out against the project due to its scale, in which each turbine is set to stand at a height of 150 metres tall (making them some of the largest in Britain).  

Workington's MP, Mark Jenkinson also came out in support of the groups objections. 

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Ian Wheeler, head of clean energy at CLEP, said whilst he supports the public's 'genuine' concerns, all of which will still have to go through due process and looked at within Ridge's environmental report, proposals like these must be made to align the country with its net-zero targets. 

"Our ethos is that we would like to deliver a whole load of different clean energy types, whether that's new nuclear on the West Coast, develop off-shore wind or a whole range of wider renewables which we class on-shore wind - and to achieve net-zero, we need everything, there's no magic bullet.

"Comparing to other energy resources, on-shore wind is kind of readily available technology that can be delivered in shortish terms, whereas other energy forms such as off-shore wind or nuclear they take much longer, and with the energy crisis we're in, we need some shorter-term solutions as well as long-term. 

"And that is the benefit of on-shore wind but it must be done through due process and the community have a right to raise their concerns and they need to be addressed," he said. 

The application status is currently in review seeking further public consultation.

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