THIS week Whitehaven RL players tried a rather different training session. 

Due to the high temperatures in Cumbria lately, the club decided to host a training session on the beach. 

The players headed to St Bees on Tuesday night for a much more relaxed bit of training. 

They then even had a dip in the sea and headed to the Seacote Hotel for a bite to eat. 

It appears lots of other people are following suit as people across the country flock to beaches and lakes to enjoy one of the hottest summers on record. 

Head Coach Jonty Gorley said: "With the weather being nice and the tide being out I just thought I'd give them a down session. 

"It's been a bit intense lately so I just thought it'd be good for them to have a bit of an easier week. 

"We're carrying a few knocks with a couple of players not featuring in our last game. So I thought we'd go somewhere different with nice surroundings. 

"We trained on the beach for about an hour then went in the water afterwards. It was just something different for the lads and give them a bit of fun, hopefully it'll have done them the world of good. We don't often get weather like this so I thought that we could make the best of it."

It is not just our rugby team who have been enjoying the sun though, high temperatures across Britian are expected to reach 35 degrees. 

This heatwave is expected to last longer than our most recent one in July which saw record temperatures. 

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