Readers have been sharing their views on a controversial hotel that will be opening in a Lake District town.

The 71-bedroom Premier Inn at High Hill, Keswick aims to create around 25 to 30 permanent and flexible job opportunities within the town.

The 'Stop Premier Inn coming to Keswick' petition raised over 3,000 signatures.

Organisers claimed that the inclusion of the business would change the heritage of the town; push the town's infrastructure to the limits; create a lack of car parking space alongside an overdevelopment of the current site. 

The campaign also indicated that they believed the 30 additional jobs were being used as an incentive to pass the planning application, a situation that they suggest will just add to the town's already existing problem of trying to find hospitality sector staff.

Here’s what the readers said.

Glenys Braithwaite said: “Looking very nice, clad with slate.

“Looks like there's a wide opening in the middle where you'd drive through to the car park.”

Nic Barnes said: “All Keswick needs now is a cafe that serves sandwiches priced reasonably for people who are not multi-millionaires and then it might be a good destination for the average person.”

Adrian Strand said: “You think you’ll get normal Premier Inn prices in Keswick, the continued ruination of another Lake District town, the northern lakes’ very own Windermere.”

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