FOR this weeks nostalgia, we looked at thing and events that defined our lives in the UK and some photos from throughout the 2000s here in Cumbria.

As we waved goodbye to the 90s, and life in the new millennium begun, no one knew what life would be like. Would flying cars eventually make an appearance? Would new life-changing sciences be discovered?

Whilst flying cars were not made and instead we got Paris Hilton, Mean Girls and some greamsily years of football. The 2000s were a defining moment in most of our lives.

The Y2K bug was infectious as we entered the new millennium as many feared the end of the world and computers were unable to count pass 1999. Would traffic lights break, and planes drop out of the sky? 

Phones were the new big thing in the 2000s. Whether you have the pink Motorola or the new iPhone release in 2007, you were considered cool for the time.

The Ipod was the new way of listening to music, the small compact accessory which came in an array of colours felt revolutionary at the time.

Pop Idol and XFactor were big TV shows at the time and we saw big names arise from them.

Youtube and Facebook were created in the 00s and are still used everyday by many. Youtube started off with classic such as 'Charlie bit my finger' and funny cat videos. Whilst, Facebook allowed us to share our emotions each day. 

Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter took the 00s by storm and both are still counted as many peoples favourite film and literature.

Foot and mouth disease came about in the 00s and put a stop to many events across the UK.

Football hopes in the 00s were big. We had some of the best and biggest players in the England team across this era such as David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard and the list goes on. But,our successes were low. To this day, it has many football fans questioning why, with such a good team could we not achieve anything.

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