A POPULAR cafe owner from Silloth has taken over the tenancy of a community-run Mawbray pub.

The Lowther Arms has been taken over by the team from The Fairydust Emporium in Silloth - run by Vicky Hope.

The Lowther Arms was saved from closure by community shareholders, and is now a co-operative and community pub owned by 300 plus shareholders.

Vicky and her team have taken over the tenancy of the pub and will now be running the pub with the help of managers Ginny and Ross who have moved into The Lowther Arms with their young family - opening on Wednesday.

Vicky said: "We have come in, Team Fairydust, to take the tenancy - we opened yesterday [and] we are doing food, camping, everything... it's been renovated and run by volunteers.

"It's an absolute gem of a pub, a great traditional country pub.

"It's a huge thing for us we have a second venue, we can now do evening meals."

Vicky and her team plan to eventually offer essentials in a community-style store - hoping to supply things like eggs, milk and bread.

She said: "It's been here forever as part of the village, as part of the community... it's been run by volunteers, some of whom have been doing 50 hours a week for nothing.

"We are just absolutely thrilled to bits, we do a lot for the community in Silloth and we want to fo a lot in Mawbray as well, eventually it's going to be like a hub for the village."

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The pub is dog and family-friendly, with a beer garden to accomodate 80 at the back, as well as a campsite with showers and toilets.

Talking about the first day of trade, Vicky said:"We just can't wait to see everybody, we want to do lots of events and special evenings, to bring something different to the community... also for the huge campervan community in Cumbria - people who just want to jump in their van, go for a pint, go for something to eat and a walk on the beach.

"We had a great first day. It was absolutely great to see people coming in, thrilled to bits to see that their local pub is open and have a pint of locally-brewed ale and locally-sourced food."

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