A young girl has donated her hair to a cancer charity to make a wig for children living with the disease.

Jessica Davidson, aged seven, from Kirkandrews Moat, also raised money for the cancer charities Macmillan and Little Princess Trust.

Her mother, Michelle Davidson, said she wanted to do this after her friend did the same after her father passed away from the disease.

The aim was for Little Princess Trust to make a wig out of the hair, something that she said costs around £550.

The Little Princess Trust provides free real hair wigs to children and young people, up to 24 years, who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.

Michelle said: “We all love the new hair, and she had her ears pierced as a well-done treat.

“Jessica kindly donated 14 inches of her own hair to the Little Princess Trust.

“Now also with the fundraising on the just giving pages she actually hit £2200 in the grand total pot which is absolutely fantastic when she only ever wanted to hit £150, so we have sent off £1100 to the little princess trust and £1100 to Macmillan cancer support.

“This money means the trust can make two wigs with this money however, with Jessica’s hair donation, it means there will be three wigs being made and will be available for any children that have sadly lost their hair due to illness.

“For Macmillan cancer support this money will help pay for a Macmillan nurse to be available for five days to which they will be able to help people living with cancer, patients and family receive the support they need and give overall the best care they could ever ask for during this difficult time.”

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